Third Review public submissions

Submission received in response to the Third Review issues paper can be accessed through the links below. ‘The submissions published on this website have been made available as part of a public consultation process. The submissions do not necessarily represent the views of the Department or indicate a commitment to a particular course of action.

Submissions marked confidential or those that were determined to contain private or confidential information have not been provided.. All submissions provided to the Department were given consideration in the conduct of the review.

1 Mr Matthew Gee Kwun Chan PDF: 81 KB
2 Mr Brian Lee PDF: 14 KB
3 Mr Jason Stehn PDF: 107 KB
4 Dr John McPherson PDF: 7725 KB
5 Eric Martin & Associates PDF: 352 KB
6 Mr R. A. Jordan PDF: 95 KB
7 Transport for NSW PDF: 692 KB
8 Wellington Access and Inclusion Advisory Group PDF: 143 KB
9 Bus Industry Confederation PDF: 650 KB
10 Blind Citizens Australia PDF: 852 KB
11 Brisbane City Council PDF: 501 KB
12 Australasian Railway Association PDF: 542 KB
13 Australian Blindness Forum PDF: 507 KB
14 City of Sydney PDF: 244 KB
15 Disability Resources Centre Inc PDF: 1264 KB
16 Mr Brian Caccianiga PDF: 426 KB
17 Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads PDF: 478 KB
18 Public Transport Access Committee PDF: 177 KB
18 Public Transport Access Committee (Attachment A) PDF: 218 KB
19 Ms Karleen Plunkett PDF: 86 KB
20 Physical Disability Council of NSW PDF: 225 KB
21 Queensland Advocacy Incorporated PDF: 685 KB
22 Women with Disabilities Victoria PDF: 109 KB
23 Public Transport Authority of Western Australia PDF: 37 KB
24 Disability Justice Advocacy Inc PDF: 704 KB
25 Spinal Life Australia PDF: 237 KB
26 Queenslanders with Disability Network Ltd PDF: 753 KB
27 City of Newcastle PDF: 246 KB
27 City of Newcastle (cover letter) PDF: 218 KB
28 NT Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics PDF: 2349 KB
29 Public Transport Ombudsman (Victoria) PDF: 317 KB
30 Australian Human Rights Commission PDF: 269 KB
31 People with Disability Western Australia PDF: 353 KB
32 South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure PDF: 704 KB
33 Public Interest Advocacy Centre PDF: 384 KB
33 Public Interest Advocacy Centre (Attachment A) PDF: 954 KB
34 Disabled People's Organisations Australia PDF: 421 KB
35 Confidential
36 Australian Federation of Disability Organisations PDF: 628 KB
37 Australian Taxi Industry Association PDF: 2591 KB
38 Tasmanian Department of StateGrowth PDF: 124 KB
39 The Victorian Government PDF: 465 KB

The Department has sought to ensure submissions provided by authors are accessible in pdf format. Should a document not meet a reader’s accessibly needs please contact us at