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Access Hub

Access Hub provides information about communication options that people who are d/Deaf, hard of hearing and/or have speech communications difficulty can use in place of an ordinary telephone phone call. It also provides information about options for individuals and organisations wanting to contact people from these groups by telephone. The communications options on Access Hub include the National Relay Service. 


Artbank provides direct support to Australian contemporary artists through the acquisition of their work and promotes the value of Australian contemporary art to the broader public. Artbank funds its operations through the leasing of artworks from its collection.

Australian Transport Assessment and Planning

The Australian Transport Assessment and Planning Guidelines outline best practice for transport planning and assessment in Australia.

Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics

The Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics provides economic analysis, research and statistics on infrastructure, transport and cities issues to inform both Australian Government policy development and wider community understanding.


Australian Classification is responsible for the classification of films, computer games and publications.

The Drone Information Hub

Drones.gov.au provides a central location for information on drone use in Australia. The site contains resources related to policy, rules and regulations to support industry, recreational users and members of the public interested or concerned about drone use.

First Nations Digital Inclusion Advisory Group

Closing the Gap in digital inclusion for First Nations Australians is a national priority. The First Nations Digital Inclusion Advisory Group has been set up to support the community and government to reach this goal together.

Green Vehicle Guide

The Green Vehicle Guide provides simple tools, information and data on the environmental impact of different vehicles in Australia, helping you to drive greener and cheaper.

High Speed Rail Authority

The HSRA is tasked with advising on, planning, developing and overseeing the construction and operation of a transformational network along Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Infrastructure Investment Program

The Infrastructure Investment Program is the Australian Government's policy for improved planning and accelerated development of Australia's land transport infrastructure.

International Air Services Commission

The International Air Services Commission allocates capacity entitlements to Australian airlines for the operation of international airline services.

Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area

The Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area (KAVHA) is a World Heritage site located on Norfolk Island. One of Australia's most interesting and important heritage sites, KAVHA is a living showcase of Polynesian, convict and Pitcairn Islander history.

National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy

The National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy, and its associated National Action Plan, provides a mechanism to increase action from governments and industry to lift freight system performance.

National Freight Data Hub

Capturing, improving, standardising and sharing freight data to improve the efficiency, safety, productivity and resilience of the freight sector. 

Office for the Arts

We develop policies and deliver programs that encourage excellence in the arts, help to protect our cultural heritage and support public access to and participation in, arts and culture in Australia.

Office of Road Safety

The Office of Road Safety provides national leadership and coordination to improve road safety outcomes.

Regional Data Hub

The Regional Data Hub connects Australians to data and insights about their communities. 

Regional Development Australia

Regional Development Australia (RDA) brings together all levels of government to enhance the development of Australia's regions, through a national network of RDA committees.

Regional Telecommunications Review

The report examines how people use telecommunications services in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia and makes recommendations on how regional communities can maximise the economic opportunities of digital technologies and services.

Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme

Provides information about the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme.

Road Safety

The National Road Safety Strategy 2011–2020 represents the commitment of federal, state and territory governments to an agreed set of national goals, objectives and action priorities; setting out a path for action to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes on Australian roads.

Road Vehicle Certification System

RVCS allows vehicle manufacturers to electronically certify that the vehicles that they supply to the Australian market meet prescribed safety standards specified in the Australian Design Rules.

Sydney Airport Community Forum

The Sydney Airport Community Forum was established to address the noise impacts from Sydney Airport in consultation with affected residents.

Vehicle Recalls

Search and view all active recall notices for Australian road vehicles and components. You can also subscribe to receive alerts for your vehicle to help keep you and your car safe on the road.

Western Sydney Airport

Set to open in 2026, Western Sydney Airport is a transformational infrastructure project that will generate economic activity, provide employment opportunities closer to home for people in the Western Sydney region, and meet Sydney's growing aviation needs.