Communications: Australia’s fixed-broadband performance

Fixed broadband plays a vital role in connecting Australians, and significant public investment has been made to develop fixed broadband infrastructure with the rollout of the NBN.

Fixed broadband carries just under 90 per cent of all downloads in Australia and will remain an important part of Australia's broadband infrastructure.

It is therefore important that the performance of Australia's fixed broadband infrastructure is known and comparable to our international peers.

While existing international comparisons provide useful insights, data availability and challenges in comparing like for like indicators across countries mean that they do not always provide an accurate picture of Australia's relative performance. In particular, existing measures fall short in enabling comparisons between countries with similar economic compositions, technology, population and geographic features.

To provide transparency on Australia's relative performance and to facilitate more meaningful comparisons, the Bureau of Communications, Arts, and Regional Research (BCARR) will monitor indicators that are relevant to fixed broadband in Australia, and make comparisons to countries with similar economies and geography.

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BCARR published a series of factsheets in November and December 2020. In March 2022, BCARR released updated 2021 metrics. The factsheets and metrics have also been transformed into an interactive dashboard.