Curfew dispensation

A curfew dispensation may only be granted in exceptional circumstances. A verbal request for a curfew dispensation should be made by telephoning the Department's Curfew Duty Officer on 0466 548 063 in the first instance. This form aims to provide an accurate record of the details of the flight and the exceptional circumstances supporting the request for a dispensation.

Would you like to request or withdraw a curfew dispensation?
Curfew dispensation request





Primary criteria

Criteria 1 - of immediate of origin

Did the situation arise during the preparation for the flight to or from the airport at which the curfew applies

Criteria 2 - of such character that it could not have reasonably been forseen

May include: fail to board passenger, in-flight disruptive behaviour, mechanical issue, Air Traffic Control On-ground delay etc

Criteria 3 - not reasonably able to be met by alternate arrangement

May include: diversion of a flight to an alternate airport; passengers being placed on alternative flights; use of alternative aircraft; and flight cancellation (if feasible).

Curfew dispensation withdrawal