ROVER Guide: How to create a ROVER account

All applications made under the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation must be submitted through ROVER, the department’s online applications and approvals portal.

Before an application can be submitted, the applicant or their representative must create an account in ROVER. This includes uploading and checking 100 points of identification. The ROVER identity document guide details acceptable forms of identification.

How to create a ROVER account

To create an account, go to the ROVER portal and click the Sign in button, then click the Sign up now link and follow the prompts to create an account.

Important: The How to create a ROVER account guide (PDF: 1 MB) and the ROVER video: How to create an account provide step-by-step instructions on how to create a ROVER account

Requesting or authorising an authority to act

You can authorise any person or organisation representative you trust to act on your behalf. This includes an import agent or a registered automotive workshop. Conversely, if you want to act on behalf of an organisation or individual as their representative, you will need to request the authority to act on their behalf from them.

Agents or representatives creating a ROVER account need to provide details about the organisation or individual they will be applying on behalf of.

They do this by establishing an authority to act on the applicant’s behalf. Once their ROVER account has been created, the representative must then select the authority to act icon in ROVER. They will need to upload document(s) (for example, a company letter) stating that the agent or organisation employee is authorised to act on behalf of the applicant. This creates a record of the authority to act, who the applicant is and who is submitting on their behalf.

The User guide to authority to act explains how to do this in ROVER.