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Creating a user account in ROVER

Before an application can be submitted, an applicant or their representative must first create an account in ROVER. This requires identity documents to be uploaded and verified. The ROVER identify verification checklist details acceptable forms of identification.

How to create a ROVER account

Step 1. Open a recommended browser: Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer and Safari are not recommended.

Step 2. Go to the ROVER portal at:

Step 3. Select 'Create an account' and enter the relevant information.

Step 4. You should receive an email from DAM Administrator: ‘Password reset request’. Please note that the link expires in approximately 4 hours.

Step 5. Click the link in the email.

What if I don't get an email?

If you do not receive an email within an hour, Click the Forgot Password link and then enter your email address to trigger the email. If you still do not receive an email, please complete an enquiry form and attach a screenshot of the error message.

The link in the email will take you to the Reset Password screen. Enter a new password, confirm and select Set Password.

Your password must:

  • be between 10 and 127 characters long
  • contain at least 1 upper case character
  • contain at least 1 lower case character
  • contain at least 1 numeric digit
  • contain at least 1 punctuation / special character
  • not have been one of your last 6 passwords
  • not have been changed within the past (1) day.

Creating an account for agents or representatives

The process to create an account for agents or representatives also requires details about the organisation or individual they will be making the application on behalf of.

When an applicant's representative or agent wishes to establish an authority to act on behalf of the applicant, the representative must first create an account in ROVER. The representative must then select the option to record an authority to act in ROVER and upload documentation (for example, a company letter) that states that the agent or organisation employee is authorised to act on behalf of the applicant. This creates a record of the authority to act, who the applicant is and who is submitting on their behalf.

The verification process of the identity documents and/or reviewing the details of the authority to act document may occur at the time of creating an account in ROVER or when the representative first submits an application.

In ROVER an individual user can establish an authority to act on behalf of an organisation or another individual user. Future releases of ROVER will enable an authority to act to be established between one organisation and another organisation.