Housing Support Program

The Australian Government's $500 million Housing Support Program (HSP) is one of a range of measures designed to help achieve National Housing Accord's target of building 1.2 million new, well-located homes over 5 years from 1 July 2024. The HSP will support the delivery of increased housing supply by funding projects that seek to deliver enabling infrastructure and provide amenities to support new housing development or improve building planning capability, or deliver social housing.

An additional $1 billion was announced for the Priority Work Stream during the 2024–25 Budget; which will provide funding to state and territory governments for significant enabling infrastructure and social housing.

  • Stream 1 of the HSP is now closed. It will provide funding to state, territory and local governments for projects which will improve planning capability.
  • A second stream of the HSP will provide funding for enabling infrastructure projects.

Stream 1 applications are currently being assessed. Successful and unsuccessful applicants will receive confirmation of the outcome of Stream 1 in due course.

Stream 2 has been paused to allow for the development of the Priority Work Stream.  Stream will open in June 2024. Program Guidelines will be published the day the program opens. It will provide funding for enabling infrastructure projects.

More specifically the program will support:

  • Infrastructure projects that support new housing, such as connecting essential services like water, power, sewage and roads;
  • Infrastructure projects that provide amenities to support new housing, including shared facilities like community centres and parks; and
  • Building planning capability, including resources to support increased delivery of new housing and master planning to support increasing housing in well-located areas.

Payments will be made to the states and territories through a schedule to the Federation Funding Agreement—Affordable Housing, Community Services and Other. State or territory governments will forward Commonwealth funding contributions to successful local governments.

Answers to commonly asked questions on applying for the Housing Support Program can be found in our frequently asked questions.

All enquiries must be directed to the Housing Support Program inbox at PPDHousingSupportBranch@infrastructure.gov.au.


Stream 1

Program Guidelines

Information for Successful Applicants The Information for Successful Applicants is referred to as the Default Funding Offer in the Stream 1 Guidelines. It provides applicants with a  summary of the likely obligations in the schedule to the Federation Funding Agreement—Affordable Housing, Community Services and Other and Housing Support Program Schedules, especially for Local Governments, who are not a party to the Federation Funding Agreement.

Additional resources


The department facilitated a webinair about Stream 1 of the program and its application process on Wednesday 3 April 2024.

You can view the webinair recording, transcript and answers to queries posed to the department during the Housing Support Program webinair below. If you asked a specific question that you do not believe has been addressed, please send your query to PPDHousingSupportBranch@infrastructure.gov.au.