Family Assistance Code – Scope


Meaning of victim

For the purposes of this Code, a victim is an occupant of a civil aircraft, or any person outside the aircraft, who is unintentionally directly involved in the aircraft accident. Victims may include the crew, paying passengers, non-paying passengers and third parties. A survivor is a person who is not fatally injured as a result of the accident (ICAO Circular285-AN/166).

Application to Australian airlines operating overseas

The Code establishes the minimum standard expected of airlines operating in Australian territory. The Family Assistance Plans of Australian international airlines should provide, as far as is possible, similar assistance to victims and/or families of victims in the event of an accident in a foreign country.

As would be the case for foreign airlines operating in Australia, it is expected that Australian international airlines would enter into appropriate arrangements with partner airlines, or other bodies, to provide assistance measures in the country where the accident occurs. It is also expected that the airline would establish a major coordination centre in Australia to facilitate contact with Australian authorities and/or families.

Application to Australian regional airlines

The Code has been prepared by drawing on international experience, focussing on international or high capacity airline operations. Australian regional airlines or charter operators have no less a responsibility towards the victims of an accident, and should be prepared to use the Code in order to establish a Family Assistance Plan appropriate to its individual circumstances.

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