Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from the Australian Government

The department is committed to keeping the Norfolk Island community informed on important projects being undertaken by the Australian Government.

  • Understanding biosecurity risks plays a critical role in managing the spread of serious pests and diseases to and throughout Norfolk Island, which could not only affect Norfolk Island’s natural environment but also the Island’s agriculture and tourism sectors.

  • With reliable and safe port operations essential to the economic wellbeing and sustainability of the Norfolk Island community, the department is developing the Norfolk Island Ports Management Strategy for the long-term management and infrastructure of Norfolk Island ports.

  • The department has engaged the CSIRO to assess Norfolk Island’s groundwater resources and options to increase water security.

  • The department is commencing a project to deepen and widen the Kingston Pier channel bed, to improve safety and access, providing significant benefits to pier users and the broader community.

  • In response to water scarcity and drought conditions on Norfolk Island, the department requested the Australian Defence Force (ADF) provide a short-term alternative water source for the community of Norfolk Island.

  • The department has engaged independent consultant Cube Group to conduct a review of the existing emergency management governance arrangements on Norfolk Island.