Regulation in the Department

We are committed to a regulatory stewardship approach to ongoing regulatory reform, guided by the Government's Resource Management Guide on Regulator Performance (RMG 128).

The Department regulates a range of activities including aircraft noise and emissions, international aviation, Federally-leased airports, coastal trading and vehicle safety.

The Department works closely with its portfolio entities responsible for regulation including the Australian Communications and Media Authority, the eSafety Commissioner, Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

The Regulatory Statement of Expectations sets out the intentions of the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, regarding regulatory functions within the Department, covering vehicle safety, aviation and maritime. Read the transport regulation statement of expectations.

The Department has responded to the Regulatory Statement of Expectations with a Statement of Intent. Read the transport regulation statement of intent.

We work to ensure that regulations are fit-for-purpose, transparent and responsive while also reducing regulatory burden. We follow the best practice principles of:

  1. Continuous improvement and building trust: regulators adopt a whole-of-system perspective, continuously improving their performance, capability and culture to build trust and confidence in Australia's regulatory settings.
  2. Risk based and data driven: regulators manage risks proportionately and maintain essential safeguards while minimising regulatory burden, and leveraging data and digital technology to support those they regulate to comply and grow.
  3. Collaboration and engagement: regulators are transparent and responsive communicators, implementing regulations in a modern and collaborative way.