Our partners

We have partnered with peak bodies with an interest in women in the aviation and aerospace sector.

Women in Aviation Australian Chapter

Established in 2001, Civil Aviation Academy Australasia Pty Ltd (CAAA) provides advanced air operator training and consultancy services globally. Our consultancy services include compliance and operations manual development, aiding operators in rebuilding and staying compliant post-CASA legislative changes. CAAA is the proud supporter of the Sky Careers initiative, designed to empower the next generation of aviation professionals.

Women in Aviation Australian Chapter

The RMIT Aviation Academy is at the forefront of aviation education and innovation. Our mission is to inspire, educate and cultivate a proficient global aviation workforce through teaching excellence and enterprise in a collaborative, inclusive environment that promotes lifelong learning.

Women in Aviation Australian Chapter

WAI Australia is a NFP community of passionate people dedicated to making a difference in the world. We commit to this by connecting, engaging and inspiring the next generation of aviation professionals, as well as providing platforms to enable current industry participants to develop and excel in their chosen fields. We know girls must be excited, informed and supported to pursue their aviation dreams. To accomplish this, the WAI Australia Chapter offers a variety of initiatives and resources offering meaningful opportunities for students, women and  all people in the industry to connect. We encourage and facilitate pathways for girls and women to seek out and pursue opportunities in the aviation and aerospace sectors, and to highlight the contributions of pioneering girls and women in aviation throughout history and today.

Women in Aviation Australian Chapter

ThinkPlace is a strategy and innovation consultancy, selected to create a coalition of leaders to explore and accelerate gender equality interventions through a behavioural-science approach and co-design.  ThinkPlace will be conducting a series of discovery interviews and design labs from May-July 2024, to be involved please contact brodie.steel@thinkplace.com.au

Aviation/Aerospace Australia

Aviation/Aerospace Australia (A/AA) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which aims to contribute to the long-term health of Australia’s aviation, aerospace and space industries. The key priorities of A/AA are gender diversity, workforce planning, leadership, skill growth, school outreach and sustainable futures.

Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia

Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia (WA/AA) is an initiative to promote the issue of gender diversity and the participation of women within the aviation and aerospace sector in Australia . It offers a network for women to connect with industry peers, inspire future generations to join the industry, and excel in their chosen careers.

The Flightdeck Group

The Flightdeck Group develops, designs and delivers programs and initiatives to engage, empower and inspire young women and men to pursue fulfilling careers – now and in the future. It delivers programs and events nationally and locally with key industry partners to provide equity of access to opportunity with a focus on gender and cultural diversity and social inclusion.

western sydney women

Western Sydney Women (WSW) advocates for women from the Inner West, Greater West, North West and South West of Sydney to become economically independent and confident. WSW designs bespoke programs to help women re-enter the workforce, build confidence and/or assist with financial independence.

National Women in Transport

National Women in Transport is a partnership initiative facilitated by the National Transport Commission in partnership with the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and the Arts and Infrastructure Australia. The initiative was launched in March 2022 with the aim to increase diversity and to create an inclusive modern transport industry.

National Women in Transport is also about facilitating connections and networks for women across transport – read more on our website.