Community Broadcasting Program

The Australian Government recognises that the community broadcasting sector provides a valuable service to interest groups not specifically served by commercial, subscription or national broadcasters and contributes to the overall diversity of the broadcasting sector. 

The Government has a long record of supporting community broadcasting, with financial support provided through the Community Broadcasting Program (CBP). The CBP is administered by the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF).

The CBF is an independent not-for-profit funding agency that seeks, secures and distributes funding to support the development, creativity and sustainability of community broadcasting in Australia. This funding assists community broadcasting organisations in metropolitan, regional and remote Australia to produce media by and for their communities.

Further information about the CBF, including grants available, can be found on the CBF website. Information about contacting the CBF can be found on the CBF contact page.

More information about community radio is available on the community radio page.

More information about community television is available on the Television page.

Community Broadcasting Sector Sustainability Review

As part of the 2022 Federal Budget, the Government committed to providing vital support for community broadcasting, including working with the sector to identify a sustainable funding basis for the future. As a result, on 28 October 2022, the Minister for Communications, the Hon Michelle Rowland, announced a review of the community broadcasting sector, to be undertaken by the department in consultation with the sector. The review will:

  • Canvas stakeholder views and ideas
  • Consider priorities in an evolving media landscape
  • Identify support for First Nations broadcasting
  • Examine opportunities to increase the sector's sustainability
  • Consider the evaluation of the Community Broadcasting Program.

Consultation on the review

The department will consult with the sector though the CBF and peak bodies, including the CBAA and members and guests of the Community Broadcasting Sector Roundtable.

The department will take account of initiatives underway by the CBF to review its governance arrangements and the CBF and CBAA's joint development of a strategic roadmap for the sector. Both of these bodies of work will be important contributions to the review.

We are not proposing a public submission process, but will involve key stakeholders in the review. This could include seeking feedback on interim findings from the Community Broadcasting Program evaluation, participating in roundtable discussions and/or seeking written submissions. To the extent possible, we will use existing opportunities for engagement such as the CBAA's annual conference, the Community Broadcasting Sector Roundtable and CBF Board meetings.

If you are interested in sharing your views and ideas on the sustainability of community broadcasting, you can email:

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