Regional Investment Framework

The Australian Government's approach to supporting strong and sustainable regions.

The Australian Government's Regional Investment Framework (the Framework) sets out a new approach to delivering regional investment, coordinating across governments to make investment work better for regions and placing regions and their people at the centre of decision making. It outlines guiding principles, priority areas for investment and an implementation approach that will support the delivery of smart and responsible investments that support regions to adapt and thrive, regardless of their economic circumstances.

The Framework supports a joined-up and cohesive approach to seizing opportunities and responding to challenges across Australia's diverse regions. The Framework supports the Government's commitments to valuing local voices and priorities; informed and evidence-based decision making; and delivery of investment in our regions with integrity and transparency.

Under the Framework, government investment will be targeted and support better outcomes for regional people, the places they live in, the services they rely on, and the regional industries and economies that are core to Australia's prosperity.

Working in genuine partnerships with communities, other levels of government and the private sector, the Australian Government is committed to positioning our regions to take advantage of a transitioning world—ensuring no one is held back or left behind.