Subscription video on demand (SVOD) dashboard

The ongoing rise of Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) services is transforming Australia's video content landscape. The widespread and rapid growth of SVOD services has created competition for existing producers and distributors of video content, including traditional broadcasters (including free-to-air and pay television broadcasters) and production studios.

SVOD services emerged in Australia with the arrival of Netflix in 2015. Since that time, household take up of services has grown and new streaming players have continued to enter the market.

To monitor trends and developments in the Australian video content market and the impact of SVOD services on the market, the BCARR is publishing a set of key data and findings over a 1–2 year period, commencing February 2021.

The dashboard will show trends in Australia's video market as SVOD providers refine their business models and strategies, while traditional producers and distributors adapt their own structures and strategies. This series is intended to provide insights for stakeholders and help inform effective policy development.

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