Airport curfews

A curfew applies between 11pm and 6am at Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Essendon Fields Airports. While most aircraft operations are prohibited during this period, there is provision for the operation of emergency aircraft, some small jets, propeller-driven aircraft and freight movements.

These curfews are legally enforceable and failing to comply is a criminal offence that may result in significant fines.


Curfew dispensations are issued in exceptional circumstances subject to specific criteria and conditions. The Airport Curfew Manual contains information regarding curfew dispensations at Sydney, Adelaide and the Gold Coast Airports.

An operator may apply to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts for a dispensation to land at, or take-off from, Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast or Essendon Fields Airport during the curfew. All dispensation requests or withdrawals should be made through to the Duty Officer Aviation and Airports, phone  +61 4 6654 8063, and by submitting a curfew dispensation request or withdrawal form.

The following links provide further information on specific airport curfews in Australia:

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