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Navigation Act 2012

The Navigation Act 2012 commenced on 1 July 2013. The Act replaces the century old Navigation Act 1912 with a contemporary legislative framework for maritime regulation. The Act reflects changes in the maritime sector and is the primary legislative means for the Australian Government to regulate international ship and seafarer safety, shipping aspects of protecting the marine environment and the actions of seafarers in Australian waters. It also gives effect to the relevant international conventions to which Australia is a signatory.

Regulations made under the Navigation Act 1912 ceased to have effect upon commencement of the Navigation Act 2012. The majority of subordinate regulations form the Australian Maritime Safety Authorities’ (AMSA) Marine Orders. In cases where subordinate regulations could not be made under AMSA Marine Orders, the Navigation Regulation 2013 prescribes these matters. These are primarily concerned with the management of Customs Vessels under the Navigation Act 2012.