Number 1 of 2023—Temporary Licence Holder Obligations


Coastal trading temporary licence holders are reminded of their obligations to display their licence, maintain acceptable tolerance limits, voyage notifications and reporting on voyage performance. Non-compliance with these obligations may result in further action.

Notice to all Temporary Licence Holders

The Shipping Business Unit reminds temporary licence holders to take steps to ensure they are meeting their obligations under the Coastal Trading (Revitalising Australian Shipping) Act 2012 (Coastal Trading Act).

These obligations include:

  • Displaying your temporary licence—All vessels undertaking a voyage under a temporary licence must have a copy of their temporary licence 'displayed on the vessel in a conspicuous place accessible to all persons on board'.
  • Acceptable tolerance limits—The total amount carried on a vessel under a temporary licence must not vary by more than 20% greater than or less than the amount approved for the voyage under the licence. In relation to loading dates, vessels must load no more than 5 days before or after the expected loading date specified on the temporary licence.
  • Reporting on temporary licence voyages—Temporary licence holders are expected to provide as much detail as possible when reporting voyages.

    This includes selecting the most appropriate value in each reporting category. Temporary licence holders are reminded to only select 'other or N/A' where there is no other category that could better describe the cargo.
  • Notifying on non-performed voyages –Temporary licence holders must advise the department if a voyage authorised under their licence will not be performed. Please contact the department as soon as possible to report the non-performed voyage, including the reasons for non-performance.

How does this affect me?

This is a reminder for all temporary licence holders to review their obligations under the Coastal Trading Act. There have not been any changes to the reporting requirements or the Coastal Trading Act itself. Should temporary licence holders have any questions on the reporting requirements of their licence please contact the Shipping Business Unit on 02 6274 7474 or at