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Annexes to the Chicago Convention

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Agency responsibilities
AnnexDescriptionAgency Responsible
1 Personnel Licensing (licensing of flight crews, air traffic controllers and aircraft maintenance personnel) CASA
2 Rules of the Air (rules relating to the conduct of visual and instrument flights) CASA
3 Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation (provision of meteorology services for international air navigation and reporting of meteorology observations from aircraft) BOM
4 Aeronautical Charts (specifications for aeronautical charts for use in international aviation) CASA and Airservices Australia
5 Units of Measurement to be used in Air and Ground Operations (dimensional systems to be used in air and ground operations) Airservices Australia
6 Operations of Aircraft (specifications which will ensure in similar operations throughout the world a level of safety above a prescribed minimum):
Part I—International Commercial Air Transport—Aeroplanes
Part II—International General Aviation—Aeroplanes
Part III—International Operations—Helicopters
7 Aircraft Nationality and Registration Marks (requirements for registration and identification of aircraft) CASA
8 Airworthiness of Aircraft (certification and inspection of aircraft according to uniform procedures) CASA
9 Facilitation (requirements relating to facilities, services and arrangements for the entry and departure of aircraft, passengers and cargo) Infrastructure, Home Affairs and DFAT
10 Aeronautical Telecommunications (standardisation of communications systems)
Vol I—Radio Navigation Aids
Vol II—Communications Procedures including those with PANS status
Vol III—Communication Systems
Vol IV—Surveillance and Collision Avoidance Systems
Vol V—Aeronautical Radio Frequency Spectrum Utilization
CASA and Airservices Australia
11 Air Traffic Services (establishment and operation of air traffic control, flight information and alerting services) CASA and Airservices Australia
12 Search and Rescue (organisation and operation of facilities and services necessary for search and rescue) AMSA and
13 Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation ATSB and Infrastructure
14 Aerodromes (specifications for the design and equipment of aerodromes)
Vol I—Aerodrome Design and Operations
Vol II—Heliports
15 Aeronautical Information Services (methods for the collection and dissemination of aeronautical information required for flight operations) CASA and Airservices Australia
16 Environmental Protection:
Vol I—Aircraft Noise (specifications for aircraft noise certification, noise monitoring and noise exposure units for land use planning)
Vol II—Aircraft Engine Emissions
Vol III—Aeroplane CO2 Emissions
17 Security—(Safeguarding International Civil Aviation Against Acts of Unlawful Interference Home Affairs
18 The Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods By Air (specifications for the labelling, packaging and shipping of dangerous goods) CASA
19 Safety Management CASA