RVS guides and resources

Checklist for a Model Report application

Use this checklist to ensure you have all the required information for a Model Report approval application.

Guide to applying for a Model Report approval—Appendix 1—Information required in an application

Appendix 1 lists the broad questions asked in a Model Report approval application and outlines the information you need to provide or have in place to answer each question.

Model Report template for specialist and enthusiast vehicles

This template sets out a simple format for Model Reports and the minimum content you are expected to include. It may assist you when developing your Model Report.

Guide to applying for a Model Report approval

This guide explains the important role Model Reports have as a key tool to support the entry of road vehicles on the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV) via the vehicle type approval and concessional RAV entry approval pathways.

ROVER guide: How to complete compliance information forms

Compliance information (CI) forms are required in vehicle type approvals, component type approvals, Model Reports and some concessional RAV entry approvals, such as high ATM trailers and special purpose vehicles.

Supplier’s guide to vehicle recalls

This document provides an overview of road vehicle and road vehicle component recalls, including suppliers’ responsibilities, the difference between voluntary and compulsory recalls, as well as the recalls process and the department’s role.

Checklist for a reimportation import approval application

Use this checklist to help ensure you have all the information you need for your reimportation import approval application.

Guide to reimportation import approvals

A reimportation import approval allows an approval holder to import a vehicle they previously exported from Australia.

Guidance note—What is an approved calculation for ADR 62?

This guidance note details the calculation requirements for Australian Design Rule 62 – Mechanical Connections Between Vehicles, and explains how they may be used to support a Road Vehicle Standards application.