More than ever, Australians are connecting online to work, stay in touch with friends and family and to access a variety of online services and content.

While there are many benefits offered by the online world, there are also risks. The types of harms people can encounter online include: cyberbullying and severe online abuse, image-based abuse and exposure to illegal or harmful content.

Everyone has a role to play in maintaining online safety.

We lead policy development for online safety, with the aim of supporting Australians to have safe online experiences and putting protections in place to mitigate the risks of Australians being exposed to harmful online material.

The eSafety Commissioner is the main point of contact for the public on online safety. eSafety works to promote safer, more positive online experiences. Through Australia's online safety laws, the eSafety Commissioner has powers to investigate reports of harmful content, order its removal, and protect Australians from severe online abuse.

The Australian Government takes a coordinated approach to protecting Australians from online harms, including cyber security and online safety matters. To find out more about where to go for advice or how to report an issue, visit the Department of Home Affairs' directory.