Disability Access Facilitation Plans

Airline and airport operators are encouraged to develop and publish Disability Access Facilitation Plans (DAFPs) with the aim of providing detailed information on their approach to meeting the needs of travellers with disability.

The DAFPs are intended to be used as a communication tool between airline and airport operators and the travelling public on the availability and accessibility of services for passengers with disability—ideally covering the total travel experience from making a reservation through to arriving at the intended destination.

Participating operators have been encouraged to consult with disability advocacy organisations, the Australian Human Rights Commission, and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in the preparation of their DAFPs.

The plans may include information such as:

  • the services and facilities on aircraft and in airport terminals;
  • procedures for transporting mobility aids and assistance animals;
  • the extent of direct assistance available to passengers with disability;
  • advice to passengers on ways to work with airline and airport operators to meet specific needs; and
  • contact details to assist passengers with disability to provide feedback on the travelling experience.

The department has prepared the following series of guidelines and templates to assist operators in preparing their DAFPs.

Links to DAFPs

A list of links to the DAFPs of airline and airport operators that have been published on the internet may be found below. Please note that where DAFPs are not available, links are provided to details of the disability assistance services offered by operators.


Domestic International


Capital City Regional

Contact Information

Enquiries relating to specific DAFPs should be directed to the relevant airline or airport. Alternatively, you can contact the department through the Aviation Access Forum Secretariat at AAF_Secretariat@infrastructure.gov.au.