Community Development Grants Programme (CDG)

About the program

The Community Development Grants Programme (CDG) was the former Government’s grants program for delivering its election commitments.

The Australian Government announced on 24 October 2022 that CDG will cease.

Contracted projects

Existing CDG projects funded in earlier rounds will be completed in line with the terms of their funding agreement.

Uncontracted projects

Uncontracted CDG projects committed to by the former Government prior to the 2022 election will still be funded, on the basis that projects are contracted within 6 months and are completed by 30 June 2026. The department will work with project proponents to determine the viability and completion of each project. If proponents are unable to agree a contract with the department within 6 months, funding for that project will be returned to Budget.

Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Outlook projects

Projects committed by the former Government during the 2022 Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Outlook in April 2022 will be delivered via the Priority Community Infrastructure Program and Investing in Our Communities Program.