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Liquor licensing regime


The Department regulates the sale and supply of liquor at leased federal airports within New South Wales through the Airports (Control of On-Airport Activities) Regulations 1997 (the regulations). These regulations are made pursuant to section 170 of the Airports Act 1996 and currently apply to Sydney (Kingsford-Smith), Bankstown and Camden airports. The regulations provide for the issuing of liquor licences upon application, annual reporting by licensees and the keeping of a register by the Department containing details of licences issued. These regulations are administered by the Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. The information provided below provides an overview of the regime.

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Types of Liquor Licences

There are three types of licences that can be issued:

  1. Passenger Terminal Licence
  2. General Licence
  3. Function Licence

Each one has a different purpose:

1. Passenger terminal licence (PTL)

A passenger terminal licence is currently only issued with respect to the sale or supply of liquor in a passanger terminal at Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport. It is issued to the owner-operator of the Airport to cover T1 (International), and T2 (Common-user Domestic) and Domestic Express Terminal, and to Qantas to cover activities in T3 (Qantas Domestic).

A passenger terminal licence authorises the holder (the licensee) to sell or supply liquor anywhere in the subject passenger terminal. It also gives the licensee the right to authorise other persons (sub-licensees) to sell or supply liquor in the passenger terminal. The licensee will be responsible for ensuring that its sub-licensees comply with the Regulations. The granting of such sub-licences does not require authorisation by the Department.

The licensee must let the Department know what it intends to do before it permits a sub-licensee to sell or supply liquor.

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2. General licence

A general licence is tied to particular premises, and is issued to permit the sale or supply of liquor. They authorise the licensee to sell or supply liquor on premises on an airport as specified on the licence and in accordance with the conditions set down by the Secretary.

Additional requirements relating to public notification apply to general licences.

3. Function licence

A function licence authorises the sale or supply of liquor at a single function on an airport site specified in the licence. The conditions of the licence are also specified.

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Further Information

For further information please contact the Airports Branch:
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