This map is no longer being updated as information is now available from the ACMA at The page is being retained as a historical record.

Australia has an open telecommunications market in which different carriers compete to provide infrastructure in new real estate developments as well as other localities. This map allows you to identify which carrier is servicing a particular new development.

By mapping new developments and their carriers, developers will be able to find carriers who may be able to service other developments, carriers will be better able to co-ordinate their activities and retail service providers, consumers and government will be able to check who is servicing a particular new development.


If you are a carrier and would like to upload your developments onto the map, please email the Department at to receive instructions on how to upload data. Carriers should only upload data about developments it has contracted to service. 

The information collected from carriers for the map is outlined in the Telecommunications in New Developments Network Mapping Specifications. 

Telecommunications in New Developments Network Mapping Specifications  

Developers and consumers

To see what telecommunications networks are available in or near your development, visit the National Map, click on the “search” button in the map and enter your address.

If you can't see the map below then try visiting the National Map.

We will update the map as carriers provide new data. Provision of data by carriers for this map is currently voluntary. However, mandatory requirements will be considered as part of the proposed carrier licence conditions to set minimum service levels in new developments. Rollout areas and boundaries are subject to change as construction planning is finalised. The map should not be considered definitive. This map may not be suitable for viewing on a mobile device.

If you have queries about the infrastructure and services to be provided or the delivery timeframes in a development, you should contact your developer, real estate agent or the carrier identified.

People buying new properties are strongly encouraged to check what infrastructure will be available and confirm for themselves that it will meet their needs.

You can also view a full screen version on the National Map.

You can get this dataset from

A list of the terms used in the map and their meanings are available from the Glossary page.