Phase 3—the Telematics phase

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Phase 3 of the National Heavy Vehicle Charging Pilot has started, with this phase of the trial expected to run until the middle of 2024. Phase 3 will test a road user charging model based on mass, distance and location, with road user charge data collected via telematics devices.

The telematics provider for Phase 3 is Air Brake Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd (Air Brake), with Air Brake working with selected participants to install telematics devices on heavy vehicles. Once activity by participants has been logged on the telematics devices the data will be collected and processed by the Phase 3 third-party invoicing provider, InLoop/Nuonic. This data is stored securely and used solely to create a 'mock' invoice for each participant. The 'mock' invoices will be provided to participants each month, enabling participants to compare current road user charges with the alternative road user charging model.

The 'mock' invoice will outline possible charges based on mass, distance and location under the alternative charging model, as well as providing charges under the current road user charging model for comparison purposes. It is important to note this is a test and the rates may not be the actual rates that would be used in an alternative road user charging framework. Any decisions made by governments to move to a new way to charge heavy vehicles would be informed by the results of the trials and undertaken in consultation with industry.