Norfolk Island Health Service Plan

KPMG has completed its review of the 2015 Norfolk Island Health Service Plan.

The 2019 Norfolk Island Health Service Plan (2019 Plan), which is now publicly available, updates the 2015 Plan and sets out a sustainable strategy for the development of health and aged care services on the Island. The 2019 Plan outlines the current status of health and aged care services and identifies the services, infrastructure, workforce and future clinical supports required to safely deliver appropriate quality health and aged care on the Island based on current and future demographics.

The 2019 Plan has considered the views and experiences that were shared by the community during the December 2018, February 2019 and March 2020 consultation meetings and public consultation processes. The themes from these consultation meetings are reflected in the 2019 Plan.

Past activities

The outcomes of public consultation on the 2019 Draft NI health Service Plan are in the attachments below, including the most recent community and public consultation processes.

  • May 2020 KPMG Norfolk Island Health Needs Assessment: Consultation Report PDF: 170 KB  DOCX: 86 KB
  • May 2020 Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications: Stakeholder consultation feedback report PDF: 469 KB  DOCX: 137 KB
  • September 2019 KPMG Norfolk Island Health Needs Assessment Consultation Report PDF: 2110 KB 
  • 2015 KPMG Norfolk Island Health Service Public Discussion Paper PDF: 616 KB