ROVER application statuses and notifications

As you progress through the application creation, submission, payment and decision processes in ROVER, you can view the status of your application at any time. (See table below.)

You will also receive notifications through ROVER at various stages of your application's progress, decision making and after the approval is granted.

Common notifications include that you have:

  • successfully saved your application
  • an application fee to pay
  • successfully submitted an application
  • successfully withdrawn an application
  • a request for further information or an inspection that must be actioned.

Application stages and ROVER statuses

Application stage Status shown in ROVER Options available Fees
Started Draft Delete / Submit Not applicable
Completed, not paid Complete—Awaiting payment Withdraw Not applicable
Submitted, paid Paid—Awaiting Assessment, or
Assessment in progress, or
Withdraw Paid
No refund available
Withdrawn Draft—Withdrawn Submit, or
No extra fee payable
No refund generally available
Request for information On hold—query pending Withdraw No refund available
Refuse to consider application Refused to consider Re-apply No refund available
Refusal to grant approval Refused Appeal* No refund available
Review of decision The application's status in ROVER stays as it was before the review.   No refund available
Approval granted Approved Vary / Suspend
Fees may apply

Not applicable

*Note: Appeal is to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, not the department.