Report of the National In-service Vehicle Emissions Study

“Motor Vehicle Pollution in Australia”

In May 1996 the Federal Office of Road Safety released the report of a two year study examining the scale and distribution of pollution from cars on Australian roads and the potential for reducing emissions from this source.

The report “Motor Vehicle Pollution in Australia” contains the analyses of the Study results and represents the most comprehensive set of data ever collected on the Australian car fleet.

There are a number of important findings from the report but the principal message is that substantial emission reductions can be achieved by basic good maintenance practices.

The study was strongly supported by vehicle manufacturers motoring organisations and other Government agencies and is a good example of effective co-operation between Government and industry in the interests of furthering our collective knowledge of vehicle pollution issues.

The attached executive summary from the report provides an overview of the findings of the National In-Service Vehicle Emissions Study (NISE Study).

Copies of the report can be obtained by contacting the Department of Infrastructure and Transport on (02) 6274 7381 or fax (02) 6274 7281.

Download Executive Summary PDF: 73 KB

Download Main Report PDF: 677 KB

The report of the 2nd National In-Service Emissions Study (NISE2) was published in 2009 and is available from the Department of Environment.