Aircraft noise regulations

The Air Navigation (Aircraft Noise) Regulations 2018 require most aircraft operating in Australian airspace to comply with noise standards and recommended practices introduced under the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

General Requirements

Most aircraft operating in Australian airspace must meet the standards set out in Volume I of Annex 16 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (ICAO standards).

  • Aircraft verified as complying with the ICAO standards are issued with a Noise Certificate by Airservices Australia. Under the Regulations, aircraft without a noise certificate and those that have been noise certificated at Annex 16 Chapter 2 noise standards, are not permitted to operate in Australia. Applications for aircraft noise assessments are managed by Airservices Australia and can be lodged via the Airservices Australia website.

Exceptions and permits

State aircraft, hot air balloons and propeller driven aircraft that are designed and used exclusively for aerobatics, firefighting, or agricultural operations are not subject to the Regulations and are not required to hold a noise certificate.

  • In certain circumstances, conditional permission to operate without a noise certificate may be granted by the Secretary of the department for an aircraft that does not meet ICAO Annex 16 noise standards. Permits granted by the Secretary to undertake air navigation without a noise certificate are issued for specific purposes, including Adventure Flight operations and Air Display participation; most must be renewed annually and are issued subject to conditions.

Permit Application Forms

Applications can be submitted via the following online forms or downloadable pdfs.

For all other applications or enquiries, please contact the department