Three images form this banner. Image one: train with carriages. Image two: cargo ship at port. Image three: truck on a two way (single lane) highway in the country.

Every Australian, everywhere, every day,
relies on freight.

We're working to create a safer, more efficient and sustainable freight and logistics industry for all Australians.

Australia's freight task is growing, leading to a range of complex challenges across the industry. With freight volumes forecasted to increase up to 35% by 2040, we're ensuring Australia has a resilient transport and logistics system.

The Australian Government is committed to developing a National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy which will provide a national approach to position Australia's multimodal freight supply chains to face the challenges of the next 20 years and beyond.

We work in partnership with all levels of government and industry to manage Australia's freight and supply chains. We do this through data management, benchmarking, mapping and strategic planning, and provision and management of transport networks covering our roads, railways, ports and airports.