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Christmas Island fishing rules

Western Australian (WA) fishing rules are already in place on Christmas Island (CI) and were not specifically designed for the unique CI region.

Following extensive community consultation and feedback on the strong interest from the Christmas Island (CI) and Cocos Keeling Islands (CKI) communities in local management and self-regulation, the Australian Government will work in collaboration with the CKI and CI communities to develop a model of fisheries management that delivers a regulatory framework fit for purpose in the IOT.

Under any potential approach, it will be critical that communities continue to practise sustainable fishing and work together with the Government to implement a model which secures the IOT fishing future.

The Australian Government will support further research of local fisheries stocks to inform management frameworks, which will include community input.



  • Exposure Draft: Christmas Island Applied Laws Amendment (Fish Resource Management) Ordinance 2020 PDF: 421 KB

    Last Updated: 22 April, 2021