Summit to Drumsite water main replacement

The Australian Government is ensuring the ongoing security of Christmas Island's water supply by replacing a 3.5km section of the water main, which is experiencing leaks, resulting in the loss of community water supply.

Project works will commence late May 2023 with expected completion in November 2023.

The water main replacement works will commence from the Summit tank in the national park and progress towards the Drumsite tank. This section of the water main is the most difficult to access by Water Corporation to undertake repairs during the wet season and annual crab migration, and is also exposed to heavy vehicle movement.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works approved this Medium Works project on 17 February 2022.

Community consultation

Key stakeholders on Christmas Island will be kept informed of the project through articles in The Islander and Government media channels, as well as a fact sheet and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Fact sheet


The Department's contractor will have direct consultation with key on-island stakeholders regarding the project.

Contacts and further information

Please email any questions or queries to the Project Team at