Board appointments to the ABC and SBS

Appointments of non-executive Directors and Chairs to the ABC or SBS Boards must undergo a merit-based selection process. This process is set out in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983 and the Special Broadcasting Service Act 1991.

An independent Nomination Panel (the Panel) advertises vacancies and assesses applications against merit-based selection criteria. The Panel then nominates at least 3 people for each vacancy in a report to the Australian Government. The Government, in turn, recommends nominee(s) to the Governor-General for appointment to the respective board.

Visit the ABC website or the SBS website to learn more about their boards.

Current Board vacancies

Applications to fill the upcoming vacancy of the role of Chairperson of the ABC Board have now closed. Applications opened on 25 August 2023 and closed at 12:00pm AEST on 22 September 2023.

The independent Nomination Panel is now assessing candidates and will provide a shortlist of at least 3 nominations for the position to the Prime Minister, the Hon Anthony Albanese MP and the Minister for Communications, the Hon Michelle Rowland MP. The Prime Minister is required to consult with the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Representatives before making a recommendation to the Governor-General, who has responsibility for appointing the Chairperson of the ABC Board.

Information about the appointment process

For more information on the appointment of non-executive Directors to the ABC and SBS Boards, please see the document link below:

Last updated: 25 August 2023