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What is a Model Report?

The RVSA requires that certain vehicles be modified to comply with the applicable standards in accordance with the provisions of an approved Model Report.

A Model Report is a document setting out how a particular make, model, variant(s) or build range of vehicle may be modified or manufactured to meet the standards that apply to it, given its vehicle category and age.

Model Reports must contain:

  • A Vehicle Scope—allowing all parties to ensure the vehicle to be modified or manufactured is covered by the Model Report.
  • Work Instructions—setting out, in step-by-step detail, what a modifier or manufacturer must do to ensure the vehicle meets applicable standards.
  • A Verification Checklist*—setting out what an authorised vehicle verifier (AVV) must check to ensure the vehicle has been modified or manufactured in accordance with the checklist.

Model Reports may not cover all variants or build dates of a vehicle's make and model. Model Report users must check carefully that the Model Report they intend to use covers the exact vehicle they wish to modify.

*Not high ATM trailers.

Which vehicles need a Model Report?

The vehicles required to be modified in accordance with a Model Report are a:

  • road vehicle that is entered on the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles (SEVs) Register, or
  • used two or three wheeled vehicle that is not on the SEVs Register.

Vehicles that can use a Model Report to support other applications made under the RVS legislation are a:

  • trailer with an aggregate trailer mass of more than 4.5 tonnes, or
  • a road vehicle that:
    • is entered on the Register of Approved Vehicles via a type approval pathway, and
    • will be subject to second stage manufacture.

The person undertaking the modification or manufacturing process does not need to have the entire Model Report. They must however, have access to the scope (to ensure the vehicle is covered by the Model Report) and the Work Instructions (to understand how to complete the modifications).

Who can write a Model Report?

Anyone with the appropriate skills, or access to the appropriate skills, can develop a Model Report.

People can develop their own Model Report or enter into a commercial arrangement with the owner of an approved Model Report for access to all or part of their Model Report.

Model Report owners can sell or lease their Model Reports on commercial terms.

The department publishes a list of approved Model Reports and the contact details of the owner on its ROVER website (unless the owner has requested the details not be published).

All Model Reports must be approved by the department before they can be used.

How do I apply and how much does it cost?

Applications must be made through ROVER and cost between $480 and $900 to assess, depending on which type of vehicle the Model Report relates to, as set out above.

There is no prescribed format for a Model Report. The department is developing a Model Report template that may be used as guidance.

Note: The more clearly the Model Report framework content is set out in the Model Report, the quicker the Model Report can be assessed.

Can I use evidence I previously used under MVSA to develop my Model Report?

Yes. Where relevant, you can use the evidence you previously relied on in an MVSA evidence pack to form part of your Model Report. However, where your evidence was obtained from a testing facility, you can only use that evidence if the testing facility has gained approval under the RVSA.

Once the testing facility has approval, you can use the test evidence it produced, even if the test evidence was produced before the testing facility obtained approval.