Access to specialist phone equipment

Some people need specialist equipment to make a phone call. They can rent it from Telstra or Optus for the same cost as a standard phone or buy their own. There are also teletypewriter (TTY) payphones in some areas.


Telstra's Disability Equipment Program leases specialist equipment for the same cost as a standard phone.


Optus also provides information about accessible equipment options on its Accessibility page. It also offers teletypewriters (TTYs) to its landline customers who are d/Deaf, hard of hearing and/or have speech communication difficulty. Information about leasing a TTY from Optus is available on Optus’ TTY Handsets page.

Telstra teletypewriter (TTY) payphones

Telstra provides some payphones with TTY functionality. The location of these payphones can be found on Telstra's TTY Payphones page.

More resources

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