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Family Assistance Code – Coordination with other agencies

Coordination with other Agencies

The Department can assist airlines in making contact with relevant agencies and with the provision of basic information about the provisions of the Family Assistance Code. Enquiries should be directed to the Director, Trade and Aviation Market Policy.

In the event of a major civil airline accident involving fatalities, State and Territory agencies will be responsible for dealing with the crash site in terms of emergency response, coronial requirements and site remediation. The primary authority for the investigation of the accident will be the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) for a civilian aircraft accident and the Australian Federal Police for a civilian aircraft crash involving terrorism or other unlawful interference.

In the event of a major civil aircraft accident, the airlines Family Support Co-ordinator will liaise with the ATSB, normally through the Deputy Investigator In Charge, to arrange briefings and site visits where the nature of the accident permits. The airline should make contact with this officer, as soon as possible after an accident by telephoning 1800 020616.

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