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Domain names

The not-for-profit .au Domain Administration (auDA) oversees the operation and management framework of the .au domain of the internet. auDA is endorsed by the Australian Government as the appropriate entity to administer Australia’s country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD)—the .au domain—on behalf of Australian internet users. We work with international and Australian agencies to manage the DNS system—the global website addressing system.

Domain names and IP addresses

The domain name system (DNS) underpins the operation of the internet. The DNS is the global database that translates website names (such as into computer-readable internet protocol (IP) addresses.

We participate internationally to advocate for Australia's interests regarding the DNS:

The .au domain Administration

.au is Australia's country code domain. The government has delegated responsibility for .au domain to the .au Domain Administration (auDA), an independent not-for-profit industry body which develops and implements .au domain policies and allocates .au domains. It is not part of the Australian Government.

The Australian Government also has some powers relating to the Australian domain:

2021 Review of the Terms of Endorsement for auDA

The Terms of Endorsement (ToE) provide the Government's formal endorsement of auDA, with this endorsement subject to auDA's compliance with the Government's expectations.

In 2018, the former Department of Communications and the Arts undertook a review of auDA's governance arrangements (see below for more information). The review indicated that the ToE should be reviewed after two years of operation. This review is now underway, which includes a public consultation process. The Department invites members of the public to make written submissions via the 'Have your say' page on the Department's website.

Feedback will help determine if the ToE remain fit for purpose.

Additionally, we are seeking feedback on whether the ToE:

  • Reflect the multi-stakeholder model of internet governance, promoting competition, fair trading and consumer protection
  • Reflect the expectations of the broader internet community
  • Promote trust and confidence in the .au administration.

You may read a fact sheet about the review, view proposed changes to the ToE, and make a written submission at: Review of .au Domain Administration (auDA) Terms of Endorsement consultation or via email to by 5pm, 10 September 2021.

2018 Review of the .au Domain Administration

On 19 October 2017 the Australian Government announced a review of the management of the .au domain to ensure it remains fit-for-purpose in Australia's digital landscape.

The review was completed in April 2018. The key finding was that the existing management framework was no longer fit-for-purpose and needed to be reformed. The government accepted all 29 recommendations of the review, and the then Minister for Communications issued new terms of endorsement for auDA which set out the government's expectations for auDA's management.

The department is continuing to engage closely with auDA.

View the:

auDA accepted the recommendations and worked with the department over two years to implement reforms, successfully completing all recommendations by May 2020.


From time to time the department provides feedback to auDA on policy matters for auDA's consideration. View:

Board Observer Role

The department, representing the government, sits as a non-voting observer at auDA Board meetings. Details of the arrangement can be found below. View:

Nominations Committee

Consistent with the 2018 Review, a Nominations Committee comprising representatives from industry, business, consumers and the department, representing the Australian Government, was established to reconstitute auDA's Board. The department's representative is not a Governing Member.

The Nominations Committee was appointed on 16 May 2019. View:


If you have any queries or complaints regarding auDA please refer to the Voicing your concern section on our website.