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General aviation flight plan

General Aviation Advisory Network Work Plan 2018–2019

Priority one: Develop a broad long term strategic perspective for General Aviation (GA)

1A) Define GA, its role, strategic direction and legislative framework, by:

  • identifying levers to better promote GA in Australia as a contributor to social and economic development, as part of the broader strategic plan.

1B) Inform and help shape the GA policy framework by:

  • responding to the challenges and opportunities outlined in the BITRE GA Study.

1C) Contributing to the development of unmanned aircraft systems industry and use in Australia, by:

  • articulating GA sector advice on current and future roles of unmanned aircraft systems in Australian aviation; and
  • identifying areas for CASA's consideration to improve regulatory responsiveness and efficiency while recognising safety remains the key consideration in CASA regulating drones.

Priority two: Propose how air safety regulation can support GA through clear, consistently applied, and proportionally responsive administration

2A) Articulate an industry philosophy for the regulation of GA, by:

  • developing guiding principles for CASA's consideration to assist in the future design, determination, and administration of aviation regulation as it applies to GA.

2B) Provide examples to CASA of inconsistency in application of regulations across regions:

  • as well as suggested improvements to improve consistency and transparency across CASA Regional Offices.

Priority three: Maintain and enhance GA industry capability through workforce planning and access to airspace and infrastructure

3A) Articulate a GA industry workforce strategy, responding to pressures such as an ageing workforce and commercial airline competition for personnel, by:

  • submitting advice to the industry Expert Panel on Aviation Skills and Training for consideration relating to GA pilots, flight instructors and maintenance engineers; and
  • preparing advice on options for promoting the future GA workforce.

3B) Promote appropriate access to airspace and aerodromes for the GA sector, by:

  • developing specific industry proposals for consideration by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.