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Authority to Act in ROVER

If you are representing an organisation or individual you will need to upload a letter in ROVER authorising you to act on their behalf. This is called an authority to act.

Authority to act: ROVER one tier

Functionality for authority to act within ROVER will be expanded in future to allow for multiple tiers of authority.

However, until that happens authority to act is limited to one tier – a person is able to represent the organisation or individual for any application or approval request, or for recalls, and is able to see any information about that organisation or individual contained in ROVER.

The following outlines requirements for this authority to act:

  • Be a letter on letterhead of the approval holder and signed by a Key Management Personnel office holder.
  • Is an original or electronic copy.
  • Includes:
    • signature, name, position and contact details of the person signing the letter,
    • date, and
    • wording that authorises the ROVER user to act on behalf of the organisation (note: the letter cannot restrict the scope of the approval in any way but it may include a cessation date).
  • Is in English, has enough English to identify all of the above or is accompanied by a professional translation (an example is the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI)) if the letter is in a language other than English.
  • Has not been altered in any way.

Note: ROVER has functionality to enable an authority to act to be ceased from a point in time upon request.

How to select organisations or individuals for which you have an authority to act

Step 1. Select Authority to act, shown by the red arrow in the screenshot below.

rover screenshot highlighting the authority to act option

Step 2. When authorities to act have been approved, you can see applications under each organisation or individual by selecting from the drop-down list at Select applicant, shown by the green arrow in the screenshot above.