Vehicle recalls under the Road Vehicle Standards legislation


The Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 and related legislation received Royal Assent on 10 December 2018. The Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation includes a framework for the voluntary and compulsory recall of road vehicles and approved road vehicle components.

The RVS legislation commenced in full on 1 July 2021.

Please visit the Road Vehicle Standards legislation implementation page for further information.

Please refer back to this page for updated information on the recall provisions under the RVS legislation.

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Road Vehicles Recalls Working Group

The department established the Road Vehicle Recalls Working Group to:

  • Enable suppliers to raise issues and experiences of common interest to recalls, and
  • Facilitate industry-departmental consultation and engagement in relation to the implementation and administration of the recall provisions under the RVS legislation by the department

The department publishes key Recalls Working Group documentation to this page. This includes agendas, meeting papers and records of outcomes. See Consultation papers below.

Consultation papers

Brisbane, 4 July 2019

Meeting #3, 27 March 2019

Meeting #2, 21 November 2018

Meeting #1, 10 August 2018