Concessional RAV entry approvals

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What is a concessional RAV entry approval?

Concessional RAV entry approval is a pathway for entering certain vehicles on the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV) that have concessions against the national road vehicle standards but are otherwise suitable for use on public roads in Australia.

A concessional RAV entry approval is also taken to be an import approval for that vehicle. This allows vehicles from overseas to be imported into Australia and entered on the RAV.

You can apply for multiple identical vehicles—up to 30 identical vehicles (or 4 identical trailers)—in some concessional RAV entry approval applications. The Conditions for single road vehicle applications with multiple identical vehicles quick reference guide details which single road vehicle applications can include multiple identical vehicles and provides information on application conditions.

The concessional RAV entry approval pathway is intended to:

  • Give motoring enthusiasts access to a greater range of classic and collectible vehicles that are 25 years or older.
  • Allow for certain vehicles (including used motorcycles, vehicles on the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Register, and vehicles to be subject to second stage of manufacture) to be modified by a registered automotive workshop to comply with Australia's national road vehicle standards.
  • Allow for special purpose vehicles that cannot comply fully with the applicable national road vehicle standards, to be imported or manufactured, provided they comply with those standards to an extent that makes the vehicle suitable for use on public roads in Australia.
  • Allow migrants settling in Australia, and Australian citizens returning permanently to Australia after a period overseas, to bring their personal road vehicle with them.
  • Allow for the import or manufacture of up to 4 low ATM trailers and 4 high ATM trailers per year.

What is the Register of Approved Vehicles?

The Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV) is a publicly searchable online database of vehicles that meet the requirements of the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation and are approved for provision to the Australian market.

Once entered on the RAV, a vehicle is available for registration by a state or territory registration authority (pending the regulatory requirements of the particular state or territory).

Eligibility criteria

The department needs to be satisfied that the vehicle meets all of the applicable eligibility criteria under section 35 of the Rules. This means the road vehicle is able to satisfy the requirements of one of the following concessional RAV entry approval types:

  • older vehicles
  • vehicles to be modified by the holder of a registered automotive workshop (RAW) approval
  • special purpose vehicle
  • personal effects
  • trailers, or
  • road vehicle suitable for entry on RAV.

Information about eligibility criteria and what is required in an application is available in the Guide to concessional RAV entry approvals.

Who can apply?

Any person (including an individual or a corporation) may apply for a concessional RAV entry approval.

Exceptions to this are under the vehicles to be modified by the holder of a registered automotive workshop (RAW) approval (other than vehicles subject to second stage manufacture) option and the personal effects option, where the applicant must be the vehicle's owner.

An agent or representative may also apply for an approval on an applicant's behalf.

How do I apply?

All applications must be submitted though ROVER, the department's online applications and approvals portal.

Before an application can be submitted, an applicant or agent must first create a user account in ROVER.

When an agent will be acting on an applicant's behalf, they must obtain an authority to act from the applicant and upload documentation (for example, a signed letter) stating that the agent or company employee is authorised to act on behalf of the applicant.

Select the Single Road Vehicle application option in ROVER to start a concessional RAV approval application.