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ROVER Release 8A launch date

What is changing in Release 8A?

ROVER Release 8A resources

ROVER Release 8A launch date

ROVER Release 8A went live on 8 November 2022.

What changed in Release 8A?

Release 8A included the following ROVER improvements, upgrades and new functions:

  • Varying an approval: When you start an application to vary an approval, ROVER sends the applicant a notification email when it has been created and is ready to be used.
  • Road Vehicle Descriptors (RVDs): RVDs are added via an improved form which contains tables that can be sorted and searched. You will have the ability to name subcomponents and systems (e.g. name an engine), and specify the typical Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for variants. Applicants will also be able to download a PDF of their RVD from their application in ROVER.
  • Design and manufacturing facilities: Design and manufacturing facilities in an application are provided in an improved table that can be sorted. You can also edit and remove facilities from the table.
  • Vehicle safety and non-compliance reporting: Users can submit vehicle safety and non-compliance reports via ROVER.
  • Customisable billing details and invoices: Users with the relevant access can add a payment contact and a billing address. They can also add their own information to invoices (e.g. a purchase order number).
  • Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV) batch details: A RAV icon was added to the dashboard. Here, RAV submitters can manage RAV submitter permissions, and search and export details of their RAV batches to support their business processes.
  • Authorised vehicle verifier (AVV) icon: The AVV tab in ROVER was replaced with an AVV icon in the dashboard.
  • Authority to act functions: Two new functions—RAV management, and reporting vehicle safety and non-compliance issues were added.

Release 8A resources

To support ROVER users with the changes introduced in Release 8A, a range of resources including guides, videos and a What's new? What's different? document is available.

What's new? What's different?

What's new? What's different?  is a visual guide that provides ROVER account-holders with an overview of the changes and new functionalities introduced in Release 8A.

New guides

These guides provide practical step-by-step instructions on how to use new ROVER functions:

New ROVER video