Data Strategy and Enduring Research Questions

Data and research are essential for the delivery of policy and programs that connect Australians, enrich communities and empower regions.

The Data Strategy 2021-24 will strengthen the department’s ability to harness the power of data to provide advice, deliver programs, services and fit for purpose regulation. To do this the strategy identifies three strategic objectives: embedding best practice data governance and management; ensuring we have the right Information and Communications platforms and tools; and growing our data culture and capability.

Data Strategy 2021-24

Previous Strategies

Data and Information Management Strategy 2017-2020

Enduring research questions represent long-standing areas of research that will remain central to the department’s priorities into the future. They are developed from the multiple policy touchpoints that government can have as steward of the markets our portfolio is responsible for, as well as the different lenses through which place-based issues are considered. There are also external drivers that affect markets and places, which impact on what research questions should be prioritised.

DITRDCA’s Enduring Research Questions PDF: 58 KB