ROVER releases

ROVER Portal Rebuild

The rebuilt ROVER portal went live on 12 June 2024. It included relaunching a new Register of Approved Vehicles public search site.

For more information visit ROVER Portal Rebuild.

ROVER Release 8C

ROVER Release 8C went live on 12 September 2023. It delivered improvements to ROVER functionality and we also brought the Register of Approved Vehicles in-house.

For more information visit ROVER Release 8C.

ROVER Release 8B

ROVER Release 8B went live on 18 April 2023. It delivered the ability to add multiple identical vehicles on a single road vehicle application and changes were made to improve design consistency, performance and access to information.

For more information visit ROVER Release 8B.

ROVER Release 8A

ROVER Release 8A went live on 8 November 2022. It focused on improved reporting capability and performance improvements for applications, especially those with large amounts of data. It also included the ability to submit a report for a vehicle safety or non-compliance concern.

For more information visit ROVER Release 8A.

ROVER Release 7

ROVER Release 7 went live in July 2022. It delivered new and improved functionality, and included increased security with multi-factor authentication.

For more information visit ROVER Release 7.