The Federal election was called on 10 April. As this website is hosted by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, the site will only be updated with material in line with the Caretaker Conventions. Please note that the content of this site relates to the Australian Government’s existing policy.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from the Australian Government

Our work connects, and enriches every Australian community, underpins our economy and society, and empowers our regions. We provide strategic policy advice, fit-for-purpose regulation, and deliver programs, projects and services in the major infrastructure, transport, communications and arts sectors, supporting our regions, cities and territories.

Respectful – we create diverse teams and a respectful and inclusive culture that supports high performance, innovation and the wellbeing of all people across the Department. Adaptive – we are constantly learning and adapting to improve what we do and we have corporate systems in place to support staff in a rapidly changing world. Informed – we have the expertise, knowledge and skills that we need to succeed, and we have good communication practices. Accountable – we are rewarded and trusted to deliver, we are held accountable for the results and delivering with integrity, and we celebrate our success. Collaborative – we work together and with others across the system, to achieve our objectives and deliver for the Australian community.

Our priorities are:

  • Regional development – Improving living standards and facilitating economic growth in cities and regions, including northern Australia.
  • Transport connectivity – Supporting an efficient, sustainable, safe and accessible transport system and jobs through infrastructure investment.
  • Communications connectivity – Enabling Australians to connect to effective, safe communications services and fostering investment in communication technologies, for inclusiveness and sustainable economic growth.
  • Territories – Providing governance frameworks and services to support communities in the territories.
  • Creativity and culture – Supporting sustainable and inclusive creative and cultural sectors, and protecting and promoting Australian content and culture.
  • Water infrastructure – Supporting regional growth and resilience through building water infrastructure that improves water availability, connectivity, reliability and security for agricultural and other primary industry users.