Progress so far and next steps

Public consultation

In order to design the best possible New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (a Standard) for Australia, it was important to capture the views of the community and industry.

Over the past 12 months, the Government has undertaken three phases of public consultation on a Standard, attracting more than 11,000 submissions.

On 4 February 2024, we released a, the Cleaner, Cheaper-to-Run Cars: An Australian New Vehicle Efficiency Standard Consultation Impact Analysis, which set out the options we considered for the design of a Standard, as well as the Government's preferred design. We received around 9,000 submissions from the community, industry and other organisations representing the environment, health, technology and road users.

You can read about our previous consultations below.

Where to from here

Your feedback has helped us to refine the design of a Standard and the final Impact Analysis, and new legislation will soon be introduced into Parliament. We will also need to establish a new regulator and develop an IT system to support the operation of the Standard. A Standard is expected to commence from 1 January 2025.

Previous consultations

Consultation on the design of a New Vehicle Efficiency Standard - April to May 2023

The National Electric Vehicle Strategy (NEVS) was released on 19 April 2023 and aims to increase the supply of affordable and accessible electric vehicles, and establish the resources, systems and infrastructure to enable accelerated EV uptake. The central Government action in the NEVS was to introduce a fuel efficiency standard for new light vehicles.

At the same time, the Government released the consultation paper Fuel Efficiency Standard – Cleaner, Cheaper-to-Run Cars for Australia, and asked the community and industry how the Government should design a Standard suitable for Australia.

Around 2,700 submissions were received and overwhelmingly, submissions supported the development and introduction of a Standard for Australia. The range of insights we received helped us to design a Standard that would increase consumer choice of new cars, reduce emissions and lower fuel costs.

National Electric Vehicle Strategy Public Consultation – September 2022

In September 2022, the Australian Government asked the community about the proposed goals, objectives and actions for a National Electric Vehicle Strategy (NEVS), which included questions about the introduction of a New Vehicle Efficiency Standard. That consultation process received over 500 submissions from more than 200 organisations and over 1,500 individuals. The community was clear - an Australian new vehicle emissions standard is critical if we are to reduce emissions and reduce the amount Australians spend on fuel every year.

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