Slot management at Sydney Airport

Slot Management at Sydney Airport is governed by the Sydney Airport Demand Management Act 1997 (the Act). The Act and associated legislative instruments set out a framework for the long-term management of demand at the Airport. The Act establishes a regime intended to control the scheduled movement times of airlines so that no more than 80 runway movements occur in any hour. The movement limit is an essential element of noise sharing and achieving balance between the efficient use of the airport and broader environmental impacts.

The Sydney Airport Compliance Scheme 2012 (the Compliance Scheme) establishes a compliance framework to require airlines to adhere to the slots they are allocated. Penalties apply for unauthorised aircraft movements i.e. where the airline knowingly or recklessly allows the aircraft to engage in no-slot or off-slot movements.

The Sydney Airport Slot Management Scheme 2013 (the Slot Management Scheme) establishes a system for the allocation of gate movements at Sydney Airport. A slot allocated under the Scheme permits a specified aircraft movement at a specified time, on a specified day. All commercial and private aircraft require a "slot" to land or take-off at Sydney Airport (Kingsford Smith Airport).

Special provisions in the legislative regime that differentiate it from worldwide industry standards relate to the 80 per hour movement cap; guaranteed slots for NSW regional services; greater access for new entrants; size of aircraft test and the compliance regime to encourage timely performance.

Day to day administration of the Slot Scheme is undertaken by Airport Coordination Australia (ACA). Guidance on the criteria for obtaining a slot should be sought from ACA as soon as a requirement for a slot is known.

It is the responsibility of all aircraft operators at Sydney Airport to make themselves aware of the legislative requirements applicable to them.

The Australian Government has announced its intention to reform the Sydney Airport Demand Management framework


The Sydney Airport Slot Administration Manual provides guidance to stakeholders in the administration of Slot Management at Sydney Airport. This manual has been designed to complement the legislation governing the Scheme by providing a reference point that will assist stakeholders in administering the Scheme and to understand and comply with key obligations.

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