Norfolk Marine Park Invasive Marine Species survey

Diver under water. Photo Credit Biofouling Solutions Pty Limited.Norfolk Marine Park supports diverse temperate and tropical marine life as well as important heritage structures. The marine park covers 188,444 square kilometres, with depths from the high tide mark to 5,000 metres.

Biofouling Solutions Pty Ltd was commissioned to run the first survey in the Norfolk Marine Park looking for invasive marine species (IMS). The team completed extensive desk top research before conducting field work in May 2021, supported by several community members.

The team produced a number of reports detailing the survey methodology. The final report found that there are no IMS of concern established in Norfolk Marine Park.

The report makes a number of recommendations to prevent the introduction and establishment of IMS in Norfolk Marine Park, particularly as port management and infrastructure operations change. These include:

  • as necessary, introducing additional ballast water and biofouling management requirements
  • on-going surveillance for any newly established IMS within the Marine Park
  • incorporation of innovative designs for any new port infrastructure that prevent IMS establishment.