Vehicle recalls

What is a vehicle recall?

Vehicle and component recalls are a critical part of keeping you and the vehicles on our roads safe.

A vehicle or component recall can occur if there is a safety issue that may cause injury or if the vehicle or component does not comply with applicable standards.

We are the regulator for road vehicle and approved road vehicles components, including recalls under the Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 and the Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019.

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How do I know if my vehicle is part of a recall?

When a vehicle or component is recalled we will publish a recall notice to our Vehicle Recalls website. You can also enter your vehicle’s details on this website to see if it is currently affected by any active recall.

If your car is part of a recall, your car manufacturer will notify you directly, usually via post or email. They may also send you an SMS if they have those details.

In most circumstances you will be asked to take your car to the manufacturer for the recall issue to be fixed free of charge.

No one wants their vehicle to be a part of a recall but it is important that you take action if you see or receive a recall notice about your vehicle. Taking swift action can help you, or someone you know, to avoid injury or even death.

Visit our Vehicle Recalls website to stay across all the latest recalls. You can also subscribe to receive future alerts on recalls or connect with us on social media for major recalls.

Reporting vehicle safety and non-compliance issues

If you think your vehicle, or a vehicle or component you come across, is non-compliant or has a safety issue related to its design or manufacture you can report it.

Find out how to raise your concerns on our reporting a vehicle safety or non-compliance issue page.

Information for suppliers, manufacturers and distributors

If you manufacture, import, distribute, retail, supply or re-supply road vehicles or approved road vehicle components by way of sale, exchange, lease, hire or hire purchase, you are responsible for undertaking recall action in the event of a safety or non-compliance issue with a vehicle or component.

If you determine a vehicle or vehicle component does not comply with applicable standards, you should commence voluntary recall action as soon as possible to prevent possible injury or even death.

Under the RVS legislation, we are responsible for the safety recall provisions of road vehicles (including cars, motorbikes, caravans and trailers) and approved road vehicle components.

In accordance with Australian Consumer Law, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is responsible for some vehicle-related consumer products not covered by the RVS legislation (including quad bikes, golf carts and personal mobility devices).

It is the responsibility of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to inform the appropriate entity—the Department or the ACCC—when a safety recall is identified. You can notify us through our online portal ROVER or find more information on our suppliers, manufacturers and distributors page.

What is the difference between voluntary and compulsory recalls?

A voluntary recall is action taken by vehicle and component suppliers to fix a potential safety or non-compliance issue with a road vehicle or component.

A compulsory recall is when the responsible Commonwealth Minister issues a compulsory recall notice to suppliers if it appears that they have not taken satisfactory action to either:

  • prevent injury, or
  • fix a non-compliance issue with applicable standards.

Compulsory Takata airbag recall

The Takata airbag recall is the world’s largest automotive recall, affecting an estimated 100 million vehicles globally, including in Australia.

The use of vehicles fitted with defective Takata airbags may cause injury or death to drivers and passengers.

To check if your vehicle is fitted with a potentially defective Takata airbag you should go to the IsMyAirbagSafe website.

For more information, including what you should do if your vehicle is affected, please visit Product Safety Australia's webpage: compulsory Takata airbag recall.