Family Assistance Code – Applying the Code

Applying the Code

The operating carrier is responsible for all passengers on board, including those of any code share partners. Nevertheless, airlines operating on a code share basis only (ie, solely as a non-operating carrier in the Australian market) are also be expected to adopt a Family Assistance Plan in line with this Code. In such a case, the Plan would need to focus on the assistance that would be provided by the operating carrier.

To meet the minimum code requirements, some airlines may choose to rely on commercial or other agreements with partner airlines, or with service providers.

It may also be prudent for airlines to establish arrangements with airport operators for the use of physical infrastructure at an airport in the provision of aspects of family assistance.

The Code emphasises that the airline retains the prime responsibility to ensure that the family assistance services can be delivered in a timely and appropriate fashion. The method of service delivery is, however, for the airline to determine.

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