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Northern Australia Agenda

In 2015, the Australian Government released its long-term, strategic vision for the sustainable economic development of Northern Australia. The Our North, Our Future: White Paper on Developing Northern Australia (White Paper) is the Government’s 20-year framework to guide policy makers and investors in building a strong, prosperous, resilient northern economy.

The White Paper is a 20-year plan for investment and collaborative support to unlock the strategic potential of the north. It is focused on developing industries and facilitating long-term economic growth. The White Paper has underpinned all of the Government’s policy activities over the past five years. The White Paper has positioned Northern Australia as an attractive environment for businesses to invest and communities to flourish.

The White Paper was informed by the Green Paper on Developing Northern Australia, which sought to facilitate feedback on opportunities, risks, challenges and policy options to drive growth in the north.

Our North, Our Future 2021-2026: Targeted Growth

Under the next five year plan for progressing economic development in Northern Australia, Our Future, Our North 2021-2026: Targeted Growth, the Australian Government is investing in transformational projects through a whole-of-government approach. This includes delivering the new Regions of Growth initiative and Master Planning approach.

  • Our North, Our Future 2021-2026: Targeted Growth PDF: 7739 KB
  • Factsheet: Budget 2022-23 Building Economic Resilience in the North PDF: 272 KB

Map of Northern Australia - dark shading Our North, Our Future: White Paper on Developing Northern Australia (2015) definition; light shading Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility Act (2016) definition

Developing Northern Australia and realising its economic opportunities requires the collective efforts of all levels of government, the private sector, and communities. Working together will secure the north’s strong and sustainable future. Our priorities:

  • Indigenous economic growth – building capacity and supporting business and entrepreneurs;
  • energy – affordability and supporting infrastructure;
  • supply chain infrastructure – roads, rail, airports, storage, and logistics;
  • communications – black spots and bandwidth;
  • water infrastructure – to support agriculture, industry development, and water security;
  • affordable insurance – to support households and business;
  • critical minerals – value-add and diversification;
  • tourism recovery – bouncing back after COVID-19;
  • workforce training and education – addressing critical skills shortages and labour supply; and
  • social services – focusing on housing, health, and aged care.

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